Scarpa Ranger II Activ GTX Walking Boots Review

scarpa ranger ii activ gtx walking boots
For years, the walkers and ramblers were fascinated by the Scarpa Ranger. The Scarpa Ranger II Activ GTX walking boots, the next version of the Scarpa Ranger has been engineered on offering total reliability, optimum comfort and style. It is surely give you a better performance. It may come with a simple design, though it is high-functioning and incredibly well-made boot.

The Scarpa Ranger 2 GTX Activ is a mid-range boot which is well designed for trail and hill-walking. It has a sole and stiffness to match. The fit is comfortable.  This boot could be used all day for long hikes. It is also great to wear for trips into the mountains in late spring, summer and early autumn.

The Features of Scarpa Ranger II Activ GTX Walking Boots

So, what features come with Scarpa Ranger II Activ GTX? It has all the credentials of Scarpa’s® new Activ Fit technology. These make the Ranger II look more luxurious for good. Check out the features below:

  • Sole: Vibram Kalden for integral rand protection
  • Last: BD
  • Upper: 1.8mm Calf Leather
  • Lining: Gore-Tex
  • Mid Sole: Hi-Flex (Made from polypropelene, nylon or texon according to Scarpa. It’s a hard material with medium flex.)
  • Weight: 1578g
  • Insole: Viscoflex Activ fit (extremely well-cushioned with memory foam)
  • Fastening: Standard Lace Up
  • Unique propeller cleats – for maximum traction and grip to comfortably walk on both muddy and rocky trails.

The Scarpa Ranger II Activ GTX features the BD last. It is a new level of direct comfort which offers enhanced fit and performance.  It results in much more cushioning all over the inner part of this boot. It is certainly visible.

In the meantime, the Hi-Flex found in the midsole gives the finest equilibrium of support and walking comfort.  A water-resistant and breathable Gore-Tex liner is great to help keep moisture out for a luxurious comfort all day long.

The Vibram Kalden sole utilizes PU which is great for shock absorption. It is concealed and protected by the rubber outsole and integral rand, which eliminates the complexity of adding a separate rand which can so often be the cause of quality issues down the line. The cleating pattern is featured with unique “propeller” cleats which are great for terrific underfoot hold on all land.

Another great feature that will really turn you on to these boots is the softness found in the inside back wall. For you who are prone to blisters and this boot is what you are looking for. If you struggle with slipping or blisters then this is the best boot for you.

The new Activ Fit program combines four elements. They are last, sole, ergonomic design and footbed to supply a new level of instant, out of the box soothe and performance.

Scarpa use high quality full grain calf leather on these Scarpa Ranger II Activ GTX walking boots. It is about 2.5mm thick. It is ideal for fell or lighter weight hill walking boots, which necessitate less bedding in.

Featured Image of Scarpa Ranger II Activ GTX Walking Boots

scarpa ranger 2 activ gtx walking boots
scarpa ranger ii activ gtx
scarpa ranger ii activ gtx walking boot

There are two colours available for this boot. They are brown and ebony. The Scarpa Ranger II Activ GTX walking boots best price is £168.96. The price is a little lower than some of the hardier competitors. However, as an investment, these will give a comfy and problem-free walking experience.
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